Our Support


Cloud Servers

Yes, you will have full root ssh access to your cloud/dedicated servers which gives you full authority to use the server as you please!

We are always available online to help you resolve technical problems along with best effort 3rd party app support

On demand DDoS protection at network level, for free with your cloud server, powered by Voxility, for always on Mode Layer 3 – 7  charged 5$ per month.

Quickly rebuild your server with a new Operating System and start from scratch for free anytime.

Dedicated Servers

Cloud instances are virtual private servers, whereas dedicated servers allows 100% control over the hardware and performs much faster than cloud servers. However, scalability in dedicated servers are done manually. Unlike cloud machines, where with just one click, you can upgrade resources.

We usually provision dedicated servers within 12 hours after agreeing on the price and payments. However, on busy days it can take up to 24 – 36 hours to provision, while our team in the datacenter ensures your server is perfectly configured with no errors on your end.

We mainly use Dell PowerEdge servers for high end configs and Supermicro servers for lower end configs like Quad core machines. If you’d like a low end Dell PowerEdge, we can let you have one if stocks are in! just let us know 🙂

We provide a 100Mbps line on an unmetered connection for all our dedicated servers.