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Gaming Cloud Server

protecting your game with Custom udp filtering Against DDos Attacks.

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30% Discount$90

Dedicated Servers

Managed Dedicated AntiDDos Protected Servers. Our Intuitive server management, lets you manage your server on-the-go

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25% Discount$130

SSD Cloud Servers

High performance cloud servers perfect for websites , API hosting and applications With Antiddos.

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30% Discount$40

Dedicated Server

The High performance cloud platform ever


25% Discount$29.99
Dedicated to providing secure, trusted, and integrated protection services to Gamming Communities and businesses alike. ​


Always on Layer 7

Get The Always On Anti DDos Layer 3-7 Mode powered by voxility as low as 5 $ per ip.

Cloud Firewall

Firewall helps you make sure that you are safe from unauthorized access to your servers.

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Up to Layer 7 protection

Always on mode ensures your routing from our datacenter to your location is 100% DDoS protected up to layer 7