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Arbor DDoS Protection Can Learn , Each Attack Makes you Stronger.

Proven DDoS Attack Protection
TCPGuard provides most comprehensive suite of DDoS attack protection products and services for the Gamers, Cloud / Hosting.

By gathering data about traffic flows on your network, Peakflow establishes a baseline to judge your traffic flow by and can then quickly detect abnormal traffic flows and network anomalies, differentiate benign traffic from malicious traffic, and surgically removes it. For example, Peakflow detects DDoS attacks in as little as one second.

Peakflow Threat Management System stops the most advanced combination of application-layer and volumetric attacks. It’s an ideal platform to deliver DDoS protection to your customers and is backed Backed by Arbor’s Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT).

  • Volumetric DDoS Attacks
    • This type of DDoS attack is an attempt to consume the bandwidth either within the target network/service, or between the target network/service and the rest of the Internet.
  • TCP State-Exhaustion DDoS Attacks
    • This type of DDoS attack attempts to consume the connection state tables which are present in many infrastructure components such as load-balancers, firewalls, and the application servers themselves.

  • Application Layer DDoS Attacks
    • This is the most deadly kind of DDoS attack. It can be very effective with as few as one attacking machine generating a low traffic rate (this makes these attacks very difficult to proactively detect and mitigate).




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